The good folks at Visionary Realms, announced that a new and cheaper pledge will be available on September 12th.

This will be a "bare bones", entry level tier but will still provide the user with a single copy of the game (at launch), a higher level of form access, an in-game title of Pantheon Explorer and, early name reservation!  See below for more information:

"You spoke and we listened, new pledge changes coming soon, be sure to check them out! :) #PRF #Communitymatters

Due to popular demand a new $50 pledge tier will be available September 12th. This new tier will be a bare bones entry level pledge and will provide a single copy of the game at launch, supporter level forum access, the in-game title of Pantheon Explorer, and early name reservation.

In addition to this new tier we will be removing the Knight's ($100) and Patron's ($150) pledges from the store. We are nearing capacity for alpha and access to it at this level is a thank-you to the early adopters. The two tiers being removed will be replaced with similar pledge tiers without alpha access to the game. So if you have been considering one of these tiers, act now before they go away September 12th.

If you have already purchased a Knight's or Patron's pledge, your pledge does not change. You will still have access to the alpha build of the game when it becomes available."